Hermès Goes on the “Voyage”

Hermès is going to travel this spring with its new fragrance “Voyage”. The new perfume made by the luxury brand, is unisexual and will perfectly feature image of both men and women. The upcoming scent, based on musky and woody notes, developed by the major “nose” of Hermès, Jean-Claude Ellena.


He has created other fragrances Kelly Caleche, A Garden on the Nile or Terre d’Hermes. The new scent will be available in 35 ml and 100 ml in all Hermes boutiques in April.

The bottle was designed by Philippe Mouquet. Here’s what the press release says about the artist and his creation: “He would combine self-assurance with vivacity. This would be to the classic perfume bottle what the pocket magnifying glass was to the solid sort that lives in a desk, what a wristwatch is to a clock. It would open out at the touch of a finger, like pushing a door. It would turn on itself without going round. Not content with being merely mobile, it would be the incarnation of movement itself. Its material and colour would be aluminium, a material that reflects all others. Its contours would be those of a stirrup. Its axis a saddle tack. It would blend seamlessly with the hand. Would not be thrown away but kept. Refilled. And filled again. It would go away and stay on. Living a long time.