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Coca-Cola Follows a New Social Media Strategy

Coke is mentioned 5,000 times a day on the internet and strategy is now in place to make it higher. Coca-Cola has built a social media strategy based on four key principles in an effort to increase “mentions” on English-language websites by up to 3 times what it is now.

When you think about what your homepage is … it’s not necessarily just your brand page. It’s It’s Digg. It’s Twitter. It’s YouTube. It’s Facebook,” stated Natalie Johnson, digital communications manager for Coca-Cola. “It’s all of these other sites, because that’s where people are going to obtain their information.”

The soft drink giant has built a model in reaction to this trend based on the “4Rs” – reviewing, responding, recording and redirecting.

Firstly Coca-Cola will be offered insight into popular opinion of their flagship product as they review the latest “buzz” surrounding it compiled by firms like Radian6, Sysomos and Scout Labs.

To respond to this opinion on the internet, Coke has “subject matter experts”, tasked in subject matters. These “experts” coupled with a “blog squad” of “power users” in social media will be dealing with questions and comments of internet authors.

The principle of “recording” involves producing information with relevance and common interest for placement ranging from blog posts to short viral videos. “People don’t want to hear sales talk … they want information that is relevant to their daily life,” Johnson said.

The pillar of “redirecting” is to bring information and content to consumers via connections from Google and Facebook to MyCokeRewards building what Johnson calls “link love”.

She stated, “The more ‘link love’ or ‘link juice’ that we have out there the better our Google scores are. By doing this, by working with search engine marketing teams and doing natural search we have the ability to share information with various different audiences quickly.”


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