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Nikon Launched a Contest to Find an Assistant for a Celebrity Photographer

Nikon Foundation kicked off a contest, focused on fashion and career opportunities for younger generation of people behind the lens. The recognized leader in the photo equipment industry and celebrated fashion and celebrity photographer John Wright are on the lookout for a person, who would become a paid assistant of the photographer for as long as three month.

The winner of this competition will have a chance to work with the person, who photographed a plethora of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Pink, Lady Gaga, Noel Gallaher and Nick Cave and worked for UNISEF, BBC, Guinness, Budweiser, Empire Magazine, Dell and more. The entrants are asked to submit a portfolio of their 5-12 best digital images along with a covering letter of no more than 500 words, in which they should explain why he or she is special and must be chosen for this job. The entrants are free to include any information they consider relevant into their story, the more interesting, informative the letter is, the more chances he or she has. The text is expected to be based on five basic points:

—What strengths would you bring to John’s team?

—Why would you work well with John?

—Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

—and What would you say is your photographic style?

The submission period of the contest, which is running through March 10, is open for any 18-year old or older final year student studying a higher education photography based course at university or college in the UK or Republic of Ireland (and those who have a valid work permit for the United Kingdom). The 10 shortlisted entrants will be notified by April 8, and on April 20 the selected young people will be invited for an interview at John Wright’s studio in London, after which the winner will be determined.

The most talented participant will sign a contract with the photographer (one month of probation period) and will receive £3,000 cash for with living expenses while working in London during these three months, plus Nikon professional camera and lens kit worth £4,000.

Recently, the brand named the winners of this year’s contest of microphotography, 2010 Small World.

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