Kraft Store Kiosk Scans Shopper’s Face, Suggests Dinner Recipes

According to statistics, 70% of 5 o’clock shoppers enter a store without a clue as to what to serve this night for dinner. Kraft suggests a new solution to help people at a loss by offering a variety of dinner recipes based on the Kraft Foods range through a great number of Kraft kiosks installed in suburban stores.

In course of ‘The Meal Planning Solution’ project run by Intel and Kraft Foods, an interactive kiosk was designed to provide shoppers with free dinner recipe advice. This innovation debuted at 2011 National Retail Federation show and will be installed in a number of supermarkets across the US.

The face recognition and analysis technology scans shopper’s face, determines their age and gender and displays recipes based on the average food preferences of people of a specific age/gender category. For someone over 30 who looks like she might be a mom, the machine will recommend highly-nutritious food for her kids. The screen advisor can also suggest meals for any special occasions, like birthday party, weekend dinner party, and so on.

What’s more interesting, the kiosk may suggest dinner recipes based on the shopper’s past purchasing history at the local supermarket — once they swipe a shopper card for scanning.  Moreover, it has the ability to sync with Kraft’s iFood Assistant app, which allows users to add new recipes, shopping lists, etc. to their smartphones using a barcode scanner.