Panasonic Planning to Develop a ‘Smart Town’ in Japan by 2014

Panasonic, in collaboration with 8 other companies, is going to develop a comprehensive 1000 house ‘Smart Town’ in Fujisawa city. After the horrible Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, Japan is focused on a safe and secure energy infrastructure. Each company is responsible for its part of the project from creating the town concept and service model, to energy management services.

The Panasonic clean energy eco-harmonious project aims to house 3,000 people already by March 2014, with full occupancy by 2018. This would be the first town of such kind in the world. The development would cost about 60 billion yen ($700 million) but it still would be more cost efficient than dealing with older structures.

The plan of developing includes three main ideas: eco-conscious master planning; comprehensive information and energy connection; and a next-generation lifestyle. The implementation of this ideas will result in solar panels as well as promotion of electric cars and bicycles. For the last charging stations all around the town will be provided.

The specific focus is on the energy collection, which will include a combination of wind, light, heat and water to fill up the battery storage systems featuring every house.

The global electronics manufacturer, which initiates such projects as the Earth Lunch Hour hopes the Fujisawa green village will be the first iconic eco-community in Japan followed by another initiatives of that kind.

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