Kimberly-Clark Launches U by Kotex Limited Edition Designer Series

Within a year of creating a revolution in the feminine hygiene category with the launch of U by Kotex and U by Kotex Tween, Kimberly-Clark is extending the line with U by Kotex Limited Edition Designer Series. Four distinct new products and designs capture young women’s personal style with trend forward colors and patterns, keeping her interested by creating surprise, delight and variety on shelf.

Branding agency, CBX, provided inspiration, trends, and insights that informed the team within Kimberly-Clark and all its agency partners involved with product and packaging innovation. The result was a seamless integration of product development and design thinking based on critical consumer insights. “We created a limited edition, designer series package to allow for customized interaction with the brand. Our consumers can now choose products that reflect their own personal style,” says Kristi Bryant, Design Manager, Kimberly-Clark.

CBX developed the design strategy using trends based on cosmetics, beauty and fashion and took inspiration from popular retail brands such as J.Crew, Anthropologie, and H&M. “These are consumers who are keenly aware of the latest fashion trends and want their style and personality reflected in the brands they choose,” says Gregg S. Lipman, managing partner, CBX. “Just as in other categories where they have opportunities to personalize their purchases, these designs give them the same experience. It’s all about creating memorable, engaging and positive interaction.”

Since breaking category norms has been the hallmark of U by Kotex, the Designer Series is no exception. High-contrast colors and vibrant patterns envelope each package and reflect individual fashion trends—poptimistic, boho, and freestyle for the three pad designs and punk glam for the tampons. The iconic U by Kotex black logo stands out against the saturated colors and is accompanied by a black belly band that wraps around the package, creating a ribbon, gift-like effect. Visuals on all the panels reveal what’s inside: pads and product wrappers as colorful and coordinated as the packages.

Overall, the designs allow for self-expression and style. When she realizes that these products fit seamlessly into her purse, along with her other fashion accessories, it is an added bonus of surprise and delight,” says Bryant.

U by Kotex Designer Series will be available in the U.S. in stores by August 2011.


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