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Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Invited a Blacksmith to ‘Forge a Family Dinner’

New Velveeta Cheesy Skillets’ campaign makes viewers smile, while thinking on a tasty pasta dinner in a cozy home atmosphere. The ads series created by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, stars a tough 19th-century blacksmith, who resembles Old Spice’s Mr. Mustafa from the agency’s recent creation.

According to Adweek, Wieden account director Kenneth Smith acknowledges the echoes of the Old Spice campaign but says the blacksmith (played by David S. Lee, who portrayed the middle-aged Charles Widmore on Lost) isn’t bringing sexy back to packaged dinners. In an interview to The New York Times he says: “What we didn’t want was sexual tension between the moms and blacksmith, so we were not looking for a lothario-type guy here. This is genuinely a guy who you feel like wants to help you, and is very sincere in that, so sincere that he almost feels a little awkward.”

The campaign was launched on Facebook with a video in which the smith says: “I see you have found me on the book of face,” while forging a big iron Like button. In the ad he calls Velveeta Cheesy Skillets the liquid gold and pours it over a delicious-looking pasta dish.

Other three commercials are to be watched on Youtube. They are only a part of a broader campaign that includes online advertising and social network marketing.

Velveeta, the pasteurized process cheese product brand, was purchased by Kraft Foods in 1928. According to the company, 40 million American households, or about 34 percent of all households, have purchased a Velveeta product within the last year.

The four varieties in the Cheesy Skillets line—chicken and broccoli, ultimate cheeseburger mac, nacho supreme and zesty barbecue chicken—were created after users’ favored online recipes.


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