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Coke Zero Rolls out Promotion to Support the ‘Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol’ Release

Coke Zero is kicking off a new global campaign to support the launch of the long-awaited fourth installation of the Mission Impossible franchise, just like it did two years ago promoting Avatar and in 2010 supporting Thron: Legacy release. The new movie ‘Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol’ will premier in nearly two months, in December, but the bubble drinks’ promotion, which includes TV spots, in cinema advertising, product packaging and digital activation, will be rolling our across the world over a few weeks.

Photo: Coca-Cola Zero’s Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol campaign

“The Mission: Impossible franchise is a cultural phenomenon built on the premise that even seemingly insurmountable challenges can be met when approached from a place of passion and drive. This is in line with the values of the Coke Zero brand, and we are excited to contribute to the energy around the release of this highly-anticipated film by giving fans the opportunity to engage with Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol through a unique digital program,” said Chip York, Worldwide Entertainment Marketing Director, The Coca-Cola Company.

Photo: The website of Coca-Cola Zero’s Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol campaign

The brand, which traditionally spreads the ‘make it possible’ message, has developed a series of elements utilizing the custom assets from the movie to entertain audience before the fourth film in the Paramount Pictures’ ‘Mission Impossible’ series hits theaters across the globe before Christmas. The new promotion is inviting fans to get deep into the world of extreme and risk-taking by watching TV and cinema spot, created by the Coke Zero team and Paramount Pictures, which showcases some of the most impressive scenes from the movie—“the spot is graphically driven and includes a scene where Tom Cruise jumps from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, counting down to ‘Zero’: that breath-taking moment of jump-off,” says the press release.

Photo: Coca-Cola Zero’s Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol campaign

Coke Zero has also launched the interactive platform, developed by Atlanta-based brand design firm Iconologic (they also created the print, packaging and digital graphics), to provide fans with yet more content related to the upcoming movie. Those who want to access exclusive film assets and special content including Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol imagery, scenes, wallpapers, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, are invited to unlock ‘special missions.’ The carbonated drink brand has also launched the promotion on the social gaming platform SCVNGR, inviting fans to delve into the ultimate gaming experience by downloading the app for iPhone, iPod Touch or Android and playing the location-based game at select movie theaters and stores across the USA— they will become “secret agents in a real-life game, participating in spy-themed missions” and will be able to win the movie-related prizes including passes to pre-screenings, premiere tickets and Coke Zero products. The promotion is expected to expand with introduction of new additional elements before the movie release.


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