The World’s Biggest Reality Game MINI Getaway Reaches Japan

In the beginning of December 2011 Jung von Matt and MINI Japan will transform the city of Tokyo into the world’s largest gaming area.

The Tokyo version of MINI Getaway is similar to the Stockholm version: for nine days, everyone with an iPhone or Android mobile has the chance to hunt and keep a virtual MINI. Whoever has the virtual MINI in his or her phone at the end of game wins a real MINI Coupe. The major difference from Getaway Stockholm is the size. The Tokyo gaming area is almost 32 times larger. The app has also been made available for Android, which opens to even more people.

It’s rather fantastic that an idea from Sweden creates such a global impact. We broke new ground in Stockholm and now we get the chance to do the world’s biggest reality game even bigger,” says Magnus Andersson, creative at Jung von Matt.

The agency’s Japanese partners have hard-tested the technology in a large number of test rounds.

The technology has to work, no matter if we’re talking about 11,000 players as in Stockholm or a few hundred thousand in Tokyo”, says Daniel Wahlgren, creative at Jung von Matt.

The campaign goes live on December 3 and runs for nine days.

Facts MINI Getaway Tokyo:
Gaming area: 621 square kilometres (240 square miles)
Population in gaming area: 8.7 million.
Population in Tokyo, the world’s most populous metropolitan area: 35 million.
Campaign site:
iPhone app:
Comparison with MINI Getaway Stockholm
Gaming area: approx. 19 square kilometres (7 square miles)


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