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Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates Charismas in Casá Nobiliùs Maisõn-us

Fashion brands have a double task this cold season, they are releasing new collections and are rolling out Christmas campaigns at the same time. Tommy Hilfiger has teamed up with New York-based agency Laird+Partners to develop a new integrated multi-platform promotion entitled ‘Holiday Par-tay,’ revolving around the family theme and invites to share joy and happiness, sending it “from our house to yours.

Photo: Tommy Hilfiger House Par-tay campaign prints,

The campaign showcases a fictive house Casá Nobiliùs Maisõn-us, in which several generations of ‘the huge Hilfigers family’ lives and celebrates the holiday. In the 60-second TV ad, the models (of course, there are no one from the real family of the designer) of all ages (kids, young adults and elderly people, who are probably paying tribute to real Tommy Hilfiger and his generation) are wearing new tartan apparel by the brand, the traditional pattern in its collections, are dancing to the music in every part of the house. Dancing and tapping along to music in every part of the giant mansion, they are also promoting the new Preppy Holidays collection, which is already available internationally in stores—it can be viewed at the brand’s website In the advert, the fun lasts until the family basset hound, Morgan IV, pulls out the plug, stopping the music, but it continues online, in prints and outdoor promotional elements.

I absolutely love this holiday season’s sequel TV spot featuring the Hilfigers. It is part fashion commercial and part music video, full of amazing energy and spirit. The family perfectly represents our heritage of preppy American sportswear with a twist. The Holiday Par-tay campaign captures the Hilfigers at their fun-loving, quirky best, spreading our version of holiday cheer across the world,” shares Tommy Hilfiger. According to Marketing Daily, the campaign, which started in the U.S. last week, will also break in Italy, Spain, France and German in early December. The campaign will not be translated in new languages, since “English is the language of the brand, and it adds to the American flavor,” says Avery Baker, CMO of Tommy Hilfiger.

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