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Coca-Cola Polar Bears Will Give Feedback on the Super Bowl

Coca-Cola brings back its animated polar bears to the Super Bowl XLVI broadcast. The company has equipped the mascots with technology including a TV, computer, smart phone and tablet device so they can join thousands of football fans and tune in to watch the big game, while drinking ice-cold Coke and chilling on their ‘snowfa’ in the Arctic.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, the interactive campaign extends beyond the TV screen to the social media world mixing a live digital stream and social media with traditional television advertising.

Fans are invited to visit where animated polar bears will react to all the plays on the field and the halftime show. On February 5, when the Super Bowl starts, the Twitter profile photo for Coca-Cola will change from the current Coca-Cola logo to an image of the two polar bears. Using the hashtag #GameDayPolarBears, the polar bears will be sharing their thoughts on the game and engaging directly with consumers.

The fun activity will include other characters, including penguins and a young polar bear stop by the bears’ snow cave to share a Coke and enjoy the festivities.

“Coca-Cola is part of the fun when friends and family gather to celebrate major events like the Super Bowl. This year, we’re offering fans even more ways to connect over a Coke and be entertained by our well-loved iconic polar bears,” said Katie Bayne, president and general manager of sparkling beverages, Coca-Cola North America. “Our bears will come to life on television, digital and mobile screens, as they invite people everywhere to join them watching the big game live from the arctic.”

Being a part of the Coca-Cola’s longterm ‘Open Happiness,’ two new polar bear television ads will air during the first and second quarter of the Super Bowl broadcast. ‘Superstition,’ an animated 30-sec spot, features one of the polar bears showing his superstitious side by watching the game with his fingers, toes, arms, legs and even his scarf crossed.

‘Catch,’ an animated 60-sec spot opens in real time with the polar bears watching the big game from their snow cave and then trying to catch bottle of Coke. Two versions of ‘Catch’ will be ready to air depending on what is happening in the game.

‘AHHH Giver’ and ‘ARGH Reliever’ app on Facebook will allow fans to share happiness with their friends and the Coca-Cola. Fans of the winning team can share the cheering ‘Ahhh’ Coca-Cola polar bear and fans of the losing team can send the ‘Argh’ polar bear.

The animators stationed in New York City, in a control room located at MLB Advanced Media will control the bears and their environment during the game. While creating the campaign, Coca-Cola and W+K collaborated with both Animal Logic in Sydney, Australia and Framestore in New York and London to develop the animations and digital technology.


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