Guinness Storehouse Has Launched a Smartphone App

Guinness Storehouse, a popular visitor attraction in Ireland, has launched a new mobile phone application that allows users to enhance their Guinness Storehouse experience.

Photo: the Guinness Storehouse app, from

The free app is designed to be used on iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry smartphone. With help of it, users can walk through the building using Google maps. In addition, visitors can purchase tickets at a 10% discount, and avoid ticket lines upon arrival, as well as check opening times. The app offers tours in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. These tours include lots of photos, video and descriptions of the building’s hotspots.

Being a popular tourist attraction, Guinness Storehouse is home to an old fermentation plant, transformed into a seven-story visitor attraction that tells the history of the birth and the making of the world famous beer. The Storehouse is Located in the heart of the historic St. James Gate Guinness brewery in Dublin.

The integrated Dublin Skyline feature enables users to enjoy incredible 360-degree views of Dublin and beyond. It also offers information about 18 tourist attractions in Dublin in view from the panoramic bar on the 7th floor of the Storehouse.

The app enables culinary funs to view how the Guinness Storehouse executive chef, Justin O’Connor cooks as well as allow them access Guinness recipes such as Guinness Brown Bread and Guinness and Beef Stew from Five.

Users can also upload images from their visit and view a gallery of 25,000 visitor photos since 2008. Amateur photographers will be able to enter the monthly Guinness Storehouse Photo Competition via the app, offering the chance to win a monthly prize or the ultimate prize of 1,000 euro for one annual winner.


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