Old Spice Demonstrates the Power of Smell in Its New Ad Campaign

Old Spice has launched a new ad campaign for its current lineup of Old Spice Red Zone body sprays. The ‘Smell is Power’ campaign introduces a new scent Danger Zone, which is called ‘the scent of courage’ and is presented in body spray, deodorant and body wash.

Photo: The new campaign poster, by Old Spice

The ‘courage’ campaign also marks the return of Old Spice face Terry Crews, who appeared in the brand’s popular Odor Blocker campaign last year.

‘Smell is Power’ was developed by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland and includes five commercials. There are two 30-second and two 15-second television spots, and one 15-second video that will run exclusively on Old Spice’s social media channels on Facebook and YouTube.

“The power of scent and smelling good helps inspire confidence, and body spray is a valuable tool young guys can rely on to fuel this power,” said Josh Talge, Old Spice Brand Manager. “This campaign is targeting younger guys who might need a little more advice when it comes to blocking odor, and we felt there was no one more appropriate to offer his wisdom on the subject than Terry Crews, who resonates well with this target and is the epitome of all things power.”

The campaign will debut with the 15-second spot ‘Blown Mind’ during the NFL’s NFC Divisional Playoff Game on Saturday, January 14. The four other spots will kick off the first week of February. The campaign will run on Adult Swim, BET, Comedy Central, ESPN and other channels.

Old Spice will also unveil two co-branded television advertisements with Procter & Gamble brands Bounce and Charmin. The commercials which promote the Bounce Dryer Bar and Charmin Freshmates feature Terry Crews, who appears in each ad demonstrating how powerful the new Old Spice body spray is that it sells itself in other brand’s commercials.

A comedy director duo of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, well known for Adult Swim’s ‘Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job’ helped Old Spice to create this campaign as well.


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