pi Creates a Family Feel to Arla’s Milk and Cream Range

Arla are well known globally for their extensive range of UHT (long life) milk and whipping cream products. With significant differences of visual look between regions, Arla were keen to create a cohesive family feel for the range.

pi worked with the clear disciplines of the Arla branding system and core ‘closer to nature’ brand positioning to strengthen the visual identity harnessing the graphic pattern of buttercups, a key visual equity of the Arla logo—and to give much more clarity to the product communication.

Photo: pi designed a look for Arla’s milk and cream range

On the Milks, the opportunity was to create a far fresher, more dynamic look for the brand and more appetite appeal. The new design uses a variety of sizes and tints of the flowers to create a sense of movement and energy. Photography is now used on the milks to clearly enhance taste cues and different pack colours signal the different types of milk to make navigation easy: dark blue for full flavoured whole milk, light blue for low fat and grey for semi-skimmed.

On the Whipping Creams, more emphasis is given to ‘hero-ing’ the product. The new packaging uses one style of photography and a consistent fruit bowl of strawberries and whipping cream to dial up taste appeal. The only product adopting a rather different approach for reasons of history was the Greek whipping creams which it was felt important to transition harnessing the evolved buttercup pattern—this was in recognition of considerable consumer familiarity with the existing pack style so previous colour-ways were maintained too to ensure consumers continued to find their brand easily.

The launch has taken place on a roll out basis across European, Asian and African markets.

Photo: pi designed a look for Arla’s milk and cream range