Sony Ericsson Unveils the SmartWatch

Sony Ericsson has unveiled the SmartWatch, a new socializing device that targets fashionistas with its simple stylish design and functionality.

Photo: the SmartWatch, from

It features a 128x128p micro display that has an active Bluetooth communication with an Android smartphone. The device can access calls, messages, music, and applications wirelessly.

A 1.3”OLED touch display screen and can be mounted on a soft-rubber wristband then worn on the wrist as a watch. Additionally, the splash proof SmartWatch has a vibrating unit, hardware button, and accelerometer. The watch is compatible with all Xperia models.

Users can easily access Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and use a variety of apps purchased on the Android market. The watch will be on sale in the first quarter of this year but no specific release date has been given. Details on the product are available at the Sony Ericsson web site.

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