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Hendrick’s Teaches Ladies and Gentlemen the Arts of Woo and Anti-woo ahead of February 29

Traditionally, February of a leap year (and 2012 is one of them) is a month of reversed relationship as women can freely propose to a men on the last day of month. While Renault is supporting only ladies by encouraging them invent new and astonishing ways of proposing, Hendrick’s Gin is teaching both male and female consumers how to not to be a gentleman (for men) or how to trap your potential spouse (for young fillies) in its two schools, Hendricks’s school for scoundrels and Ladies school of nuptial conquest.

The brand, which is known for its weird style and extravagant advertising approaches (for instance, it launched the cucumber growing ‘political’ campaign and released a list of the most unusual things of 2011), is educating the British on how to avoid marriage or, on the contrary, put on a ring of your future husband,’ in a series of faux retro videos posted on the brand’s YouTube channel. In addition to that, for both sexes Hendrick’s has launched “brief and effective courses in the arts of WOO and ANTI-WOO,” which stopped in Bristol, London, Manchester, Edinburg and Leeds this month to provide consumers with techniques and tips on how to achieve what they want (the brand also provided consumers with a complimentary cocktail at the events) when it comes to proposing.

Hendrick’s, while being rather a gentlemen’s drink then a women’s one, is providing female with more chances to get their boyfriends’ hands in marriage. The best way to hear his ‘yes’ as a reply to your proposal is to make it in public, so on February 29, Hendrick’s Preposterous Proposal Throne will be touring the city of London, and any bold lady will have a chance to ask her man to marry her (the registration is open here) using all the tips Hendrick’s has taught them or being spontaneous and just saying the words from the top of their head.

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