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PepsiCo Encouraged Chinese Consumers to ‘Bring Happiness Home’

Now that spring is to arrive in two weeks, all the 2012 New Year celebrations and news about them are left behind, but there’s another New Year marketing project, which is worth mentioning. China celebrated Spring Festival, its national New Year on January 23, and to mark the occasion, PepsiCo launched a lovely campaign dubbed ‘Bring Happiness Home,’ encouraging its consumers and fellow colleagues to go and celebrate the holiday with their family and special ones.

As part of the promotion, which features PepsiCo’s major brands Pepsi, Lay’s and Tropicana, the company released a short melodramatic video, which is pulling emotional strings by telling personal stories of people from all trades of life and different age groups. This year, younger generation of the country was not as happy about going home for the holiday as before—according to the survey, 70 percent of “Chinese youth expressed hesitation toward going home and the company decided to make a little contribution intro strengthening family ties. The fictional characters in the 10-minute video, which has become the No.1 online spot in China with over 100 million views in just two weeks, are recollecting the moments from their past, when they were together with their loved ones. The new effort is very similar to Coca-Cola’s OWF project, which told about real people, Filipinos, working abroad, who travelled home to spend Christmas with their families.

We found a commonality across the three brands that creates a ‘WOW’ synergy— a Mandarin character which, coincidentally, all three brand names carry, that translates to ‘happiness.’ We designed an innovative approach where each brand tells its individual story and when put together, the pieces form an engaging, larger story. Adopting a new ‘mini-movie’ format, we succeeded in enabling consumers to spread the word. Meanwhile, we refreshed the role of the traditional 30-second TV commercial to act as a movie teaser, highlighting strong synergies among the three brands while still celebrating individual brand truth,” writes PepsiCo in the note.


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