Starbucks Celebrates Everylove with the New Cup Magic App

Remember the hilarious Starbucks Cup Magic app, released by the coffee giant before Christmas? Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Starbucks is launching a new version of the app in the US to help spread love across the nation and ‘Celebrate everylove.’ Just like the X-mas version, it brings to life the limited edition cups with holiday symbols (now they are hearts) and special targets with an augmented reality twist. The new Valentine’s Day application, which allows to create and send a personalized animated valentine or a festive Starbucks Card eGift, will be available to download from here for eleven days, February 6-16.

To activate the heart imaginary on the themed cups or targets, a user is to point the smartphone with the app at them and tap the ‘Experience Your Valentine’ button—one can even blow into the phone to create a pinwheel of hearts. To spread on the message of love, you should tap the ‘Send a Virtual Valentine’ button, choose the a special person from the list and send him or her a virtual card, which will enable “the lucky recipient of your Valentine will be able to scan a limited-edition Valentine’s Day Starbucks cup to reveal your Valentine message,” says the brand. In addition to sending messages, the app allows to share some actual gifts on and around the festive day.  With the new version of the Starbucks Cup Magic app consumers can send Starbucks Card eGifts (which can be also scheduled for February 14) to their beloved ones and in this way buy them several drinks (in some situations, when the sender just can’t be around, this may be a great solution).

Starbucks has also started a digital movement to celebrate the holiday and is now encouraging people from around the globe to start conversation about love and its manifestations—to share their thoughts, Starbucks fans are invited to use Twitter and Instagram.  “Everylove is for all the relationships in your life worth celebrating. It appears differently to each of us, but we all recognize it the same—by the flutter in our hearts and the smiles on our faces. It appears as a laughing friend, a helping hand, a familiar face. We’d love to hear what this special feeling means to you. Tell us about the simple joys people create in your life—tell us about your everylove,” says Starbucks, explaining the call. On its YouTube page, the brand has posted a few videos, featuring real people telling about their personal everylove stories.


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