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KRAFT Mac & Cheese Taps ‘Old Birds’ for a Social Media Campaign

KRAFT Mac & Cheese is launching a new social-media push, which is revolving around the fact that old can be modern. We invite our friends of around the same age to our birthday parties, and so as part of its 75th anniversary celebration of KRAFT Mac & Cheese decided to turn two lovely old ladies—Frankie, 87, and Dottie, 86—into its temporary social media managers on Facebook page and Twitter for three days, from April 10 through April 12.

In the new humorous, but sweet campaign, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, KRAFT Mac & Cheese, the ladies, are getting into the very heart of modern social media world, and are asked to share their opinion on trending topics and all the things people are buzzing about now. You can send them a tweet using #oldbirdsnewtweets—but remember that today is the last day. On its YouTube channel, the brand is posting videos, in which Old Birds are discussing current phenomena like planking or describe Google, Facebook, or just sharing their thoughts on what’s going around. The agency behind the campaign says that the decision to invite old ladies to the campaign is explained by that fact that they wanted to “hire who’ve been eating Mac & Cheese for 75 years.”

It’s fun to see how the ‘two gals’, representing the generation of our grandmas, talk about the modern tech innovations, which have become part of modern life, and all these new trends—and after Frankie and Dottie’s words, we might want to look at these things from the new point. In fact, the two spokeswomen easily adapt to new technology, and they even don’t want to be called old: “Thanks for your twitter. And i don’t mind being called a golden bird cause I don’t feel old. Dottie,” replied one of them in her tweet. What would the Greek grandma from the Athenos campaign say?


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