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Heinz Ketchup Launches the ‘Join the Growing Movement’ Campaign to Plant More Trees

Heinz Ketchup has launched the ‘Join the Growing Movement’ campaign on its restaurant bottles featuring PlantBottle technology by Coca-Cola, which is 100% recyclable. The partnership dates back to the beginning of 2011 when Heinz has partnered with the soft drinks giant to start using its revolutionary technology. In June 2012, Coca-Cola and Heinz along with other companies including FordNike and Procter & Gamble formed a union of the Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC).

Photo: Heinz PlantBottle, clickable

A special app will encourage consumers to be more environmentally responsible and for each pledge taken and shared, Heinz will help plant a tree, up to 57,000 trees. PlantBottle is made from up to 30 percent renewable material derived from sugar cane. It looks and feels like traditional PET plastic but is totally recyclable. Coca-Cola started to use PlantBottles for its Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Diet Coke products in the UK last year. Now, Heinz has made all its 20-ounce ketchup bottles with PlantBottle packaging.

“Heinz is committed to utilizing the best technology and innovations available to be as environmentally responsible as possible,” said John Bennett, Vice President Foodservice Ketchup, Condiments & Sauces. “This program celebrates not only what Heinz is doing to be more sustainable, but also how everyone can do their part to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.”

The front label of these bottles for restaurants features a slogan ‘Join the Growing Movement’ and the back has a QR code to be scanned by users. Each scan serves as a pledge and while consumers get some information on the environment issue through a mobile app, Heinz Ketchup helps plant a tree with The Nature Conservancy for each pledge. Users of the app also have to share their intention to go green on Facebook or Twitter.


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