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Campbell’s Unveils Warhol-inspired Cans along with the “Art of Soup” FB App

Hot on the heels of the announcement of its new Go Soup range for millenials in the U.S., Campbell Soup Co. launches another marketing initiative targeting youth and art lovers.

Few may know the reason why Andy Warhol painted iconic Campbell’s Soup cans and brought an ordinary dull thing to the height of so-called ‘popular art’.  Warhol actually had a can of this soup for lunch every day for over 20 years — that was what inspired him to create 32 canvases featuring iconic cans that he first exhibited in LA in 1962, the year when the pop-art movement started.

Photo: Limited-edition Warhol-inispired soup cans

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s first solo ‘Campbell’s soup gallery’, Campbell Soup Co. has launched a limited-edition series of 4 Warhol-inspired cans with colorful labels which pay tribute to the father of pop art. The commemorative stuff will be sold exclusively at US retail chain Target at $0.75 per can.

In addition to this initiative, the manufacturer has partnered with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to hold an exhibition “Regarding Warhol: 60 artists, 50 years “ opening September 18.

Also, Campbell’s fans will be able to make Warhol-inspired photos with a new FB app “Art of Soup”, which, like Instagram, offers pop-art visual filtering option along with some fun photo contests and galleries.


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