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Hennessy Unveils Results of Its Collaboration with Graffiti Artist Futura

Following the last year’s successful collaboration with a modern visual artist KAWS on a limited-edition label design, Hennessy has teamed up with famed NYC-based artist Futura for a series of new creations such as a new limited edition bottle and a custom pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers that accompanies the bottle.

Photo: Hennessy Converse Chuck Taylor box, from, clickable

Yesterday, Futura and Hennessy celebrated their partnership at Mel & Rose in Los Angeles. Only 200,000 graffiti-inspired bottles designed by Futura are available internationally.

Photo: Futura at Hennessy headquaters, from, clickable

As part of the collaboration, the artist visited Hennessy headquarters to observe the process of the cognac making and to dive deeper into the idea of the partnership. Hennessy has also shot a six-minute film documenting the development of the artist who became the legendary Futura, gave birth to new street art styles and has been working in the field since the ’80s.

A couple of weeks later after the bottle release, Hennessy rolled out an exclusive box set featuring a numbered cognac bottle by Futura, as well as a custom pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. The sneakers are ‘splattered’ with paint, with Hennessy embroidery on the tongue. This box is not available for the public, though, says Hyperbeast.

Photo: Futura Hennessy bottle, from, clickable

Earlier this year, Hennesy invited automotive artist Chris Bangle to remake Hennessy Privilege bottle, which hasn’t changed since 1954.