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A’Design Award & Competition Unveils the World Design Rankings 2012 —by Countries

This year a prestigious international design award A’Design Award & Competition has unveiled its own analytical project —World Design Rankings, which ranks the countries based on the number of awards won by the participants of its competition since 2010.

Despite a rather subjective methodology, this ranking aims to reflect the level of creativity and design excellence of the represented countries entering the A’Design Award and Competition.

Surprisingly, UK holds just fifth position (with 19 awards won) in the table compiled by A’Design Award’s organizers, while US (43 awards) comes out on top, followed by Turkey (40 awards), Hong Kong (31 awards), Italy (29 awards) and other countries. Overall, there are 47 countries ranked in World Design Ranking, see the full list below or learn more about this project here:

WDR Representative, Frank Scott, commented “We hope to ignite further competition in the design industry by providing the world design rankings; we believe this is very important for the world, because more competition would lead to better designs; better designs mean longer-lasting products, more ergonomic designs, highly socially responsible projects and so on. At micro-level, the world design rankings help designers understand their world-wide position, however most importantly, at macro-level the world design rankings will push the participating designers, artists and architects to do better, to come up with better products and designs which in turn would create positive impacts for our future generations”.

If you’d like to raise the profile of your country’s design industry, enter the A’Design Award and Competition by 30 September, 2012.

See some featured winning works of last years here:

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