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Kit Kat Went to Space before Felix Baumgartner Did

Nestlé’s brand Kit Kat that has recently celebrated its 77th anniversary supported the Felix Baungartner’s jump from the edge of space by a fun campaign designed with JWT.

Photo: Kit Kat in space, from Facebook, clickable

As Felix and Red Bull Stratos team waited for good weather conditions Kit Kat took the chance to inspire the team and fans using their famous slogan interpretation: ‘Break from Gravity.’ Just before Baumgartner’s revolutionary skydive Kit Kat sent to space its chocolate bar. The stunt was performed at 11:20 am in Cambridgeshire,UK just before the Felix’s jump.

The Kit Kat bar entered the stratosphere strapped to a weather balloon and a Go-Pro camera giving viewers a sneak peek at the breathtaking view Felix would have just hours later, says JWT. The Kit Kat reached a height of 35.5km/22 miles.

In 24 hours, the agency’s team created a viral video that was then spread across Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #BreakFromGravity. For now the video was watched on Youtube by more than 16000 users.


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