Greenwich Design Creates Branding and Packaging for the New Roques ONeil’s Luxury Range Therapie

Greenwich Design have worked with a renowned aromatherapist Michelle Roques ONeil, one of the top 10 as rated by Vogue, to help create a new brand of aromatherapy products called ‘Therapie’. The distinctive look and feel for Therapie takes inspiration from nature but has also been designed as a luxurious brand that will appeal not only to an upmarket female audience, but to men as well.

The agency has designed visual identity and packaging for the entire range of products which include: Roques ONeil renowned Restore Aura Spray, Himalayan Detox Salts and Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence.

The Therapie logo elegantly encompasses the initial ‘T’ with the products’ links with nature in the shape of a butterfly — representing natural transformation and the restorative qualities of the range designed to tackle the stresses of modern living.

Photo: packaging design for the Therapie range

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