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Google Analytics Showing Online Stores’ Missteps in Real Life

Google Analytics has released three humorous videos, which revolve around the theme of bad online shopping experience. Recognizing the importance of proper digital marketing and web-stores’ functioning during the holiday shopping season, Google’s division demonstrates “how missteps on the digital shelf play out in real life.” While these problems don’t seem that big online, they would drive us mad if we have experienced them in brick-and-mortar stores.

The episodes demonstrate why websites may leave visitors frustrated, irritated or even enraged. The plot is revolving around the most common mistakes online stores make such as placing obstacles in the path of the customers buying items they want on the site, user-unfriendly search and multi-stage checkout. In the videos, a guy is in the physical store, buying some simple products, but his shopping journey turns into a total disaster—he is chased by shopping assistants who want him to buy products he doesn’t need, then he spends several minutes on searching for regular semi-skimmed (“skimmed-semi”) milk, and has problems with the too complicated check-out.

In the post on the official blog, Clancy Childs, Google Analytics Product Manager and Jon Day, Google Product Marketing Manager also provide some helpful tips on how to attract more potential customers and improve user experience with clear landing pages, smart search and simple check-out process.


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