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Heineken Will Help Expats in Amsterdam Meet Barnaby and Nick

The closer to the end of the 2012 year, the more creative Heineken’s brand communications become. Following the call for entries for the Future Bottle Design competition 2013, Facebook greetings on the illuminated wall, and 60+ creative challenge, the brand in collaboration with Tribal DDB Amsterdam has launched a new social media campaign via Facebook app.

This new 2-week challenge called “Meet the World in One City” is a part of an on-going global campaign “Open Your World” started back in 2010.

Pic. If you’re an expat, Barnaby and Nick are happy to meet you in Amsterdam

The point of this challenge is to let two Heineken guys Barnaby Slater (32) and Mick Johan (32) (pictured above) from the UK and the Netherlands, respectively, meet non-Netherlands nationals though an app The brand describes it as a “real-life social experiment to see if one can indeed meet the whole world in one city” (as if meeting a person of some particular nationality might have substituted the experience of visiting the country). Starting December 05, 2012 Barnaby and Mick have been racing through the streets of Amsterdam to meet all 194 nationalities.

Maybe, Heineken is hunting illegal immigrants to the Netherlands this creative way?

View the video below.


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