Diesel Counts Your Days to Live

Nobody knows when he or she dies, but Diesel can predict how many days you will live. To promote its collection of timepieces, the brand has launched a new campaign on its website, which helps users count how many days of life they still have.

Photo: Diesel’s “Your Days to Live” campaign, www.facebook.com/Diesel (click to enlarge)

The new HTML5-powered hub Days to Live, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, is building on the “Time to Be Brave” marketing platform. To make an exact prediction, the brand asks the users to answer a set of questions (including very private ones) about their lifestyles. “You are about to find out how many days you have left to live, so that you may waste them more bravely. Sign in with Facebook and answer all the questions truthfully for an accurate calculation,” says the brand on the dedicated page.

Along with posing its questions, which help the brand learn more about your eating habits and even sexual experience, Diesel showcases watches and other items from its collections. In the end, Diesel calculates the amount of time you have before you take your last breath. For some, this information can be quite useful.