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Diet Coke UK Brings Its Hunk Back to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary*

The Diet Coke brand, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary in the UK, is launching a new campaign, designed to evoke powerful overwhelming emotions in every woman. For the maximum effect of the new promotion, the brand has brought back its iconic Diet Coke hunk, who will appear in a new advert of the brand, which will be unveiled on the Diet Coke’s Facebook page at 11:30am on Monday (28 January).

Video: The ‘Hunk’ teaser

Video: The full version of the TV commercial

Prior to the major launch, the brand has released a hot 30-second teaser, in which the hunk (Andrew Cooper) is stripping to the Etta James’ “I Just Want To Make Love To You” song. For the Diet Coke hunk, it is a great return—he first appeared in Diet Coke’s legendary “Window Washer ” ad (1997), and was last featured in the brand’s advertising five years ago. The debut ad was starring Robert Merrill.

Last year, Diet Coke said that in 2013, its UK marketing activity will revolve around celebrations, and apparently there’s a lot to come (the hunk is a great start). The brand was introduced in 1982 in the US, and the following year it was rolled out across the UK and Europe. Diet Coke, which last year celebrated its “first” 30th birthday with a fashionable edition by Jean Paul Gaultier, is sure to launch some new chick designs this year for its big date in the UK.

* Updated on January, 28.


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