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Dr Pepper Celebrates Individuality with Life Stories in the Latest “/1” Promotion

There are many ways to celebrate individuality, but it is much better when well-known brands help you with this. Dr Pepper has launched a new US advertising push dubbed “/1,” or “one of one,” which centers around the “each one is unique” message, which is behind the “One of a Kind” campaign launched in early 2012. The new promotion developed by Deutsch LA includes a series of adverts starring individuals who achieved a lot in their life.

The new spots, which inspire consumers to be one of one, not just one in a billion, tell stories of five people, whose one-of-a-kindness is proved by descending “statistics.” They are Armando Cristian Perez aka Pitbull, an American rapper, songwriter and actor; Mikaela Mayer, a professional model turned Olympic female boxing hopeful; Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard, the 2011 U.S. Air Guitar champion and YouTube sensation; Jen Mayfield, a suburban mom of five by day, roller derby queen by night; and Misty Copeland, a Boys & Girls Club alumna and soloist for the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. In the “/1” spots, they are explaining why they are totally unique, using numbers (though, it’s hard to say if some of these numbers are correct—for instance, is it ever possible to count all devoted mothers?).

The campaign includes five individual-centered “/1” 30’ spots (so far, the brand has released just two of them, featuring Mikaela Mayer and Jen Mayfield) as well as a 60’ emotional video, which celebrates all of the heroes. Dr Pepper fans can visit the brand’s official website and declare what makes them one of a kind—their declarations along with photos are featured on a digital wall.

Now, in an age of YouTube stars, Tumblr and Twitter, people more than ever are putting their individuality out into the world. That’s why the ‘/1’ campaign features real people with real stories that make them like no one else—in hopes to inspire more people to live their one-of-a-kind lives, a sentiment that Dr Pepper has shared since its beginning,” commented Leslie Vesper, director of marketing for Dr Pepper.

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