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Samsung US Takes on BlackBerry and Says, “The Next Big Thing for Business is Here”

Samsung continues its smartphones war, but now the rival is not iPhone, but BlackBerry. While in the spot, which mocked the Apple phone fans, Samsung focused on entertainment, in the new BlackBerry-targeting video it highlights the benefits of its Galaxy Note II for business users. Of course, it’s not a coincidence that the new ad got revealed ahead of the launch of the long-awaited Blackberry 10 (BB10) operating system on January 30.

In the new 1:30 ad, Samsung pokes fun at BB users, who don’t want to switch to a better Galaxy smartphone. The spot is telling a story of the office, which is developing a new mobile game called Unicorn Apocalypse (the deadline is very tight)—the team is told to choose any device they like to get the work done properly. While most of the creative minds switch to the Samsung device, some people from the team continue to stick with their BlackBerry, just because they always use it at work and are not sure that Samsung phones will be as useful and safe as their BB smartphones. But as it turns out, those loyalists have problems performing their part of creative (and not only creative) work.

The Company gets a little help from the Galaxy Note II with SAFE technology in making Unicorn Apocalypse come to life. Play Hard. Work Safe. The Next Big Thing for Business is Here,” writes the description to the spot. The brand has also launched a hub on its Facebook page, where you can ask Samsung Galaxy business user and expert Katie some questions on how to use the smartphone (how to sync data, if the device is work-friendly, and more).


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