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The Post-it Brand Rolls out an Inspirational Campaign in the USA

The older the product, the more difficult it can be to find new ways to advertise it. Still, such a tough challenge may inspire brands to find a truly great solution—and it has been the case with Post-it notes, owned by the 3M Company, which launched a new US campaign under the “Go ahead” tagline. The new multi-platform promotion, which was devised and developed by Grey New York, plays around the totally new approach to advertising the iconic notes. Now, they are much more than just bright sticky pieces of paper for writing reminders on—they are tools for the self-expression.

The campaign, which includes TV ads along with promotion on social-media channels and the brand’s website, is estimated at $10 million. The brand focused on encouraging consumers to think and find their own ways to embed Post-its into their lives—it gives some stunning, totally unconventional examples and invites consumers to go ahead and be creative with using the paper squares.

The customization-focused campaign, which is targeted primarily at people in their 20s and 30s, features great examples of how to unlock possibilities with the vibrant pieces of paper. They can be seen in the two initial ads, which are made of short vignettes—they showcase various creative approaches to make the life brighter with Post-its. For instance, the paper pieces can work as goals reminder, as signs with inspirational messages or tasks posted onto a wall or window, or can be used as material for an artwork, and many more.

In one of the videos, the 60-second spot, the brand is encouraging its consumers to “Turn up the genius,” “Outsmart the unknown together” “Rewrite the rules for getting it done” and “Keep inspiration at your fingertips” after each mini episode within the clip, and finally invites to “Go ahead connect,” “Go ahead inspire,” “Go ahead explore” and “Go ahead.” The brand is planning to launch at least three more ads later this year, which are most likely to appear in late summer, during the back-to-school season. The third commercial focuses on millennials and revolves around the “dream big” theme.

[The Post-it campaign] is a component of our overall revitalization strategy with the business and the brand,” commented Jesse Singh, vice president for the stationery and office supplies division of 3M in Minnesota, to The New York Times. They have conducted a research on the customer base, which showed that people “had a much more emotional relationship with the product” than expected, and they were using the product “to communicate, using it to collaborate, using it to organize themselves.” These findings were put behind the creative approach of the new campaign. So far, the brand doesn’t ask its fans to share the stories of how they have brightened their lives with Post-its, but it invites them to visit the dedicated page to explore how the brand’s products help boost connection, inspiration, organization and motivation.

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