YouTube and Adweek Invite the Audience to Vote for the Super Bowl XLVII Ads

YouTube and Adweek partner this year to figure out which of the Super Bowl XLVII ads will be the most popular among the audience of the big game.

Traditionally, advertisers try hard this season, creating impressive and engaging Super Bowls adverts, which can potentially live on throughout the year and even start a new chapter in history of their brands. This all is made to build a stronger connection with the audience and attract more consumers, so viewers are the kings here. YouTube and Adweek invite the audience to visit the Ad Blitz gallery (YouTube is running it for the fifth consecutive year), watch all the spots online right after they air during the game on February 3, and vote for the best pieces at the end of the event through February 11.

The winning ad—the piece with the most votes from the YouTube community members—will appear on the YouTube home page two weeks following the big game, on February 16. Plus, the audience is invited to use an array of social and gaming features for laptop, smartphone or tablet, which will help them tune into the big event and get entertained ahead and after of it. For instance, users will be able to connect with the resident ad coach, DeStorm, for an instant ad advice, play Paper Football finger flick game, learn interesting facts about Super Bowl’s advertising, create and share their own, unique touchdown dance in GIFs, as well as engage with friends via social media channels.

As part of the collaboration, the online journal’s executive editor James Cooper and senior editor Tim Nudd will host a post-game Google+ hangout to discuss the most interesting moments of the advertising side of the event. Adweek’s editors will discuss which Super Bowl XLVII ads can help their brands prosper and which don’t seem to do so.