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Alicia Keys and Neil Gaiman Have Launched Their BlackBerry “Keep Moving Projects”

BlackBerry has finally started the “Keep Moving Projects” cultural influencer program, which was announced at the launch of new Blackberry products earlier this year. The brand’s creative director Alicia Keys along with Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman are inviting the global audience to work with them on a series of projects, which require creative vision and desire to leave a mark. Alicia’s and Neil’s projects have already been launched, while Robert’s one is yet to come.

Alicia’s challenge was introduced on February 19. The multiple Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter is embarking on her global “Girl On Fire” tour and asks fans to share insights about their cities she’s going to visit as part of this music journey.  On the dedicated page, she is inviting her fans to submit photos, which can best describe their hometowns and themselves within the city’s settings. The selected stills will be featured in the videos, which will be projected on stage during the concerts. Each and every city on the tour will get its own video representation.

Visitors to the hub are invited to choose the city from the drop-down list of nearly 50 destinations, including Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Prague, Vienna and Zurich to name but a few. Then, they are asked to fill in a simple form and upload their photo. Deadlines for each city are specified in Terms and Conditions. “Be as creative as you want—it could be a shot of you at home or in your favourite hangout, at a market or a gig. Whatever captures you and the pulse of your city,” states the brand on the page.

English novelist and screenwriter Neil Gaiman has also launched his BlackBerry project on the platform earlier this month. First, he invited the global community to answer a dozen of questions, which were posted every hour within one day, and then he used some of the comments as a source of inspiration to create his own stories (one comment for each tale). All of the stories, along with the 12 questions and the 12 answers, can be read here. Now Mr. Gaiman is asking the global community to come up with their own vision of what should illustrate his twelve tales. The project is open from February 4 through March 11. All forms of illustrations including collages, sketches, doodles, videos are accepted. The winning art pieces will get featured in the digital and printed limited-edition version of the upcoming book titled “A Calendar of Tales.”

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