Nivea For Men Teaches European Consumers How to Make Bar Tricks

Nivea For Men is launching a new campaign to support its men’s lines in Northern European markets—the theme of the new promotion, developed by the CMW integrated creative agency, is bar tricks. There are many ways to win the attention and recognition of the people around you, and mastering plain, but impressive tricks can make the path to the glory to be even shorter.

The new promotion, which currently features short tutorials and will also include sponsorship arrangements, will be rolled out across the brand’s website as well as social media channels in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. So far, Nivea For Men has launched three videos, showcasing tricks, which are performed in real-time—the videos are split into several sections (steps), making it easier for the audience to learn how the whole thing is done. Nivea hopes that these simple, but hilarious tricks will help guys own the room.

The tricks performed by the master are the matchbox tilt, the note swipe and the 5-point star—nothing special, but if you do it like a professional, people are sure to get excited.

Nivea is not the only brand, which teaches its consumers how to get around in the bars and at parties as well as how to propose and to avoid proposals—Carlsberg explained basic partying behaviors and Hendrick’s Gin taught the art of woo and anti-woo.