Nivea UK Lets Users Control a Romantic Dinner in the “Date To Remember” Video

Nivea UK celebrates Valentine’s Day with a great interactive video campaign, which invites the audience to get into the middle of a girl’s date. The “Date To Remember” video, launched on the brand’s YouTube channel, introduces a girl named Emily, who is on the first date with her dream guy. With this campaign, developed at Agency Republic, Nivea invites its fans to add more fun to the date by clicking on the objects in the restaurant.

Each click activates a stressful funny situation, which adds a sexy, slapstick or even scary twist to the story. The fate of this couple depends on you—it is up to users to decide if the date is a disaster or if it is the first step to romantic relationship.

But of course, the more stressful the situation is, the funnier the story gets, so the date won’t be going smoothly. But no matter what happens, Emily stays cool thanks to Nivea Stress Protect products, which help control emotional sweat.

With this promotion, Nivea joins a team of brands, which allow their fans play with on-screen heroes or different items—Louis Vuitton and Wrangler also let drag and drop their products and models on the dedicated pages (the jeans brand has recently released an updated version of the promo page).