PUMA Introduces The Nature of Performance: New Products, New Labelling Concept, New Campaign

PUMA launches a totally new cross-category platform, which includes marketing campaign as well as innovative additions to the brand’s major product categories, Football, Running, Training, Golf and Fitness. The name of the new platform is “The Nature of Performance,” and it is designed to tie the brand’s performance categories even closer using one distinct approach, “a consistent voice, look and feel,” writes the company in the press note.

The new campaign, which was developed in partnership with Droga5, puts focus on a product and the man, who wears it, highlighting his or her athletic nature.

For instance, The Nature of PUMA Running goes with a very inspiring message, which reads, “It’s in our nature to disrupt the monotony of running. It’s making a routine run feel fresh again, and it’s in our nature to get you out the door.” The brand has supported other categories with similar encouraging statements. For the treatments used in ads the agency has chosen a very minimalistic style—it applied “a simple gray background, exposed staging and technical features, and athletes in motion showcasing the ‘epic moment’ of athletics.

Pic. A snapshot from the www.puma.com page (click to enlarge)

The brand has also readied a series of tech films and TV spots under the new platform (they are developed by the Juliet Zulu studio), which have appeared on the brand’s YouTube channel. They use very impressive visual component to showcase some new technologies and products, developed for enhanced sports performance. The innovations include the running shoe PUMA Mobium Elite, inspired by a cat’s paw and created after years of thorough biomechanical researches and tests, and the special sports gear (training tights, shorts and tops) with built-in Puma tapes, developed to maximize the muscle power and make the training more efficient (PUMA ACTV supports the body during the workout, and PUMA RCVR helps recover after it). PUMA fans can explore the new products on the interactive hubs at the PUMA official platform.

The brand is also switching to a clearer and simple naming and labeling concept called PUMA CELL, which will help PUMA consumers differentiate the products. This means that it will be easier for the brand’s fans to choose the items that fit their performance needs best. There are 14 CELL names under the PUMA CELL banner—each of them relates to a certain line of products: for instance, dryCELL corresponds to moisture management, visiCELL is for increased visibility, and powerCELL helps enhance compression.