Stella Artois Introduces the “Artist” Glassmaker in the Oscar Ad, Announces a Bigger Campaign in the USA

The lager brand Stella Artois, which has a strong emotional connection with the cinema world, launched its new ad during the live broadcast of the Oscars on Sunday. The advert titled “The Artist,” which has nothing in common with the silent movie under the same name, celebrates the craftsmanship behind each glass of the beer.

The 30-second ad by Mother, New York focuses on a glassmaker who is creating the Stella Artois signature Chalice very carefully, treating it like a true piece of art. Right after it is finished, the Chalice goes to a bartender who pours Stella Artois in it and then hands the glass to a beautiful lady. In the end of the spot, the glassmaker in a black suit pops up next to the lady. “If this much care goes in to the Chalice, imagine what goes in to the beer,” says the voiceover. The elegant and romantic spot was created by the team of artists, including special effects supervisor Eric Pascarelli, who also was a plate photographer on Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, 2013 Oscar’s Best Picture nominee.

On the La Société Stella Artois online hub, the brand has shared additional content including the behind-the-scenes photos and interviews with the production team. The 30-sec commercial along with its 15-sec version will be airing on the U.S. national and cabel channels through the end of April. According to the press note, the ad is just the first element of the marketing effort, which will be rolling out across the country over the coming months. The campaign is said to include “an inventive mix of digital and traditional elements.”

Stella Artois has recently collaborated with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, who shot photographs for the “Timeless Beauty” campaign, launched at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Each spring, the lager brand also releases its cinema-focused campaigns to celebrate the brand’s long-time partnership with the Cannes International Film Festival.