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Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Granola Frightens Aliens away in a New Spot

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut is launching a new commercial as part of the brand’s revived campaign under the “The trouble is they taste too good” tagline. A new “Aliens” commercial, which promotes Kellogg’s new variant, Crunchy Nut Granola, demonstrates that the passion towards the product can be even stronger than curiosity. The spot debuts on national UK television today, March 18, and will roll out to cinemas in early May.

The Crunchy Nut’s “The trouble is they taste too good” strapline appeared in the brand’s revitalized campaign in mid-2012. It was first used in Crunchy Nut’s advertising back in 1980s.

In the new ad, Kellogg’s continues to play around the theme used in the previous spots, “Dinosaur” and “Snake,” where the irresistible taste of the product turns to be more powerful than fear. The plot of all three ads, created by Leo Burnett London, builds on the same concept, voiced in the videos—“Whatever you do, don’t make a sound.” But unlike these two adverts, the “Aliens” commercial uses a nice, kids-friendly “sci-fi” twist, not the atmosphere of terror and ultimate danger.

The latest commercial, directed by Ed Morris and Andy Drugan, is set in an Area 51, where scientists are just about to meet aliens. There are a few seconds before the guests from the universe step out from a cornfield, and everyone is asked to keep silent. But one guy in the group starts eating loud crunchy granola and messes things up. All he says is just “Sorry, it’s granola.” By the way, this guy is just the one who attracted the dinosaurs in one of the previous spots. Watch the first two chapters of the revitalized “The trouble is they taste too good” story below.


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