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Nike’s “Give Me the Ball” Campaign Encouraging Chinese Youth to Play Basketball

Nike is launching a basketball-themed campaign in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to encourage more youngsters across the countries to tap into the game. The new effort dubbed “Give Me the Ball” is fronted by legendary players including Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Yi Jianlian, who will be inviting teens into the world of basketball. As stated in the press release, the new campaign “motivates players to dream big, speak up, take charge and make their own mark with just a basketball in their hands.

Playing basketball was my dream and passion as a kid. The ball symbolized an opportunity, a chance to work hard and see what was possible,” Bryant said. “Every aspiring player should feel that possibility when the ball is in their hands.”

To support the new campaign, Nike Greater China has released the 1:18 “Wish List” film to inspire Chinese youngsters to “just go and play”. In the voiceover, a “hungry for change” Chinese boy is asking for things that can help him become a true basketball star (the video has English captions). The celebrity team starring in the video also includes Chinese actor Chen Jianzhou and renowned basketball commentator Zhang Weiping. The video was directed by Stacy Wall, who has been behind other Nike’s campaigns including L’il Penny, The LeBrons, MVPuppets and LeBron Rise.

The new inspirational spot will be airing on national entertainment and sports networks in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the month of March, backed by digital and out-of-home advertising as well as in printed press.

In the meantime, Nike’s rival, adidas, is planning a big push in the Asian region with the appointment of David Beckham as “the first global ambassador for Chinese Football,” as stated the press note. The celebrated footballer will be helping promote Chinese football both within China and across the globe in 2013.


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