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Samsung Releases Two Chaotic Cinematic Spots to Promote Smart TV

Samsung is putting its latest Smart TV in the spotlight with the latest global campaign, developed by CHI&Partners, London. As part of the push, the company has released two impressive 90-sec spots, highlighting Smart Recommendation and advanced voice and gesture control available in the product. The somewhat chaotic commercials for the TV service are true cinematic experiences, which bring the true richness of the on-screen life to the viewer.

Photo: A snapshot from the “Charge” spot

Each of the spots got its “own” director. The “Charge” commercial, which highlights the Smart Recommendation technology, is directed by Romain Gavras and set to the “Run” track by Kill it Kid. The spot features a vibrant variety of costumed characters from different epochs. The “cast” includes Roman Centurions, Maori Warriors, American footballers, a dinosaur, a wolfpack, a court lady, cheerleaders that are accompanied by police and racing cars, helicopters and even albino Minotaur riding in a chariot. They all are running along deserted beach towards a man, who is sitting in an armchair. The motley crew represents various types of TV content usually delivered to the viewers. The man stops all of the characters by lifting his hand—he controls the situation and chooses the content he wants to watch using Samsung Smart TV.

Photo: A snapshot from the “King of TV City” spot

The second blockbuster ad, “King of TV City,” is created in the same fashion and highlights the new level of controlling the TV, through a motion and a word. Directed by Adam Berg, it features a man who is standing in the street of a deserted megalopolis and managing an array of powerful, sometimes nice and sometimes dreadful objects (symbolizing all kinds of TV content) around him. For instance, he shows the way to a herd of stampeding wildebeests, invading aliens, a dinosaur breaking through the wall of the building and even to a teddy-bear riding a bicycle. The man is controlling the world around him with his voice and gestures, and even stops a giant fireball with just one word, “Pause,” in the end of the spot. The commercial finishes with a peaceful scene—the man is sitting at home on a couch and changes the picture on the TV screen with a wave of a hand. The commercial is set to the “Adagio in D Minor” tune.

Romain Gavras and Adam Berg have delivered cinematically breath-taking TV spots that are truly worthy of the produce they promoted. They prove, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that global advertising can be creatively extraordinary,” commented Jonathon Burley, CHI&Partners’ executive creative director.


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