Spotify Using Words, Not Music to Tug at Emotional Strings in Its “For Music” U.S. Campaign

The digital music-streaming service Spotify has launched a U.S. campaign to reach a broader audience. The new “For Music” promotion, developed by Droga5, includes two commercials on TV and in the digital space. The first 30-second ad aired during NBC’s season premiere “The Voice” on March 25, and the extended version arrived on the same day during other shows. The service’s first-ever campaign will also include display and video ads to be launched on major online platforms such as Yahoo, AOL and Viacom networks.

The first ad doesn’t highlight any tunes, instead it tells how important music is for people, in general. In the spot, a crowd at the concert is passing the music artist over their heads. But there’s no noise, screams or music heard. A narrator’s voice works as a soundtrack here. The video serves rather as a philosophic piece, placing emotions above actions and emphasizing the personal connection between music and the listener.

It’s been said that the best songs don’t give answers, but instead ask questions. So, why can a song change the world? Because music is a force. For good, for change, for whatever. It’s bigger than us. It lives inside us. Because we were all conceived to a 4/4 beat… Because music is worth fighting for. Why? Because it’s music,” says the voice over. The last “why” appears just when the “Spotify” logo appears on the screen, thus a rhyming audio-visual match is created.

In addition to the debut ad, Spotify has also released two 30-second vignettes, evoking romantic and partying memories. In the first, “Her Song,” a middle-aged man is listening to music and remembering warm moments spent with his beloved woman, and the second one, “Getting Weird,” celebrates the atmosphere of week-day house parties. While the first “For Music” doesn’t establish a direct connection with the product it promotes, the two spots explain for what Spotify can be used. The phrases “For all the songs that remind you of her” and “For always being able to find a new beat” go with an arrow, followed by the Spotify logo and address

The promotion is being rolled out only within the USA. As reported by Ad Age, Erin Clift, Spotify’s VP-global marketing and partnerships, stated that “the campaign will eventually roll out beyond the U.S,” but the markets and dates haven’t been announced yet. Currently, the service is available in 23 countries, includng the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Spain and more. Canada, Russia, the Middle East and Asian countries are not on the list.