A Fake Hypnosis Test “Proves” that Original Coca-Cola and Coke Zero Taste the Same

In line with its “Taste The Possibilities” platform, Coca-Cola has hosted a fun hypnosis experiment in Belgium. As part of it, a group of eight volunteers were hypnotized on stage at a theatre, and their subconscious minds couldn’t tell the difference between the flavors of the two sodas.

For the project, developed by the agency Duval Guillaume Modern, the brand tapped world famous hypnotist Peter Powers. In the beginning of the experiment, Mr. Powers encouraged the Coca-Cola fans who wanted to be hypnotized, to come out onto the stage—eight people agreed. Then, he drove volunteer’s conscious mind off and invited the participants to taste Coca-Cola. They were asked to jump up and be fitness instructors if they identified the unique taste of Coca-Cola—and that was actually what all the participants did.

Then he asked them to taste the no-calorie version, and that was the most important part of the experiment. “If you think that is the unique taste of Coca-Cola,” he said, “you will jump up and be a break-dancer.” Of course, the subconscious of all the participants determined the above-mentioned taste—none of them noticed any difference in tastes between regular Coca-Cola and Coke Zero.

Those who think that the experiment is fake, can watch a behind-the-scenes video below, which is expected to prove that everything was “real” there.

Earlier this month in the UK and Northwestern Europe, Coca-Cola set another taste test to prove that the original and zero-calorie varieties have the same recognizable taste. The experiment was conducted at a movie theater—cinema visitors, who had d bought their cups of regular Coca-Cola, were about to enjoy the movie, when the barman appeared and asked to pull out the second cup out of the their drink. As it turned out, they were drinking Coca-Cola Zero, and didn’t even notice any difference.

In late 2012, Diesel used the same theme—hypnotizing—in its “The Magic of Christmas” promotion. The brand drove a group of young adults into their early years to reveal their pure children emotions when unpacking gifts.