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MTV EXIT and Alex Kavvadias Tell a Story of “False Hope” as Part of the Anti-Trafficking Movement

The MTV Exit (End Exploitation and Trafficking) platform has released a video of award-winning rock artist Alex Kavvadias that resonates with the initiative’s mission to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking in Europe and Asia. The music clip titled “False Hope” focuses on the threats of the modern international slavery narrated through an emotional story of one girl, who left home looking for a better life but ended up in the human trafficking network.

The 4-minute gritty video was created by 18 Feet & Rising Sydney in collaboration with MTV EXIT. Along with depicting tragedy of the girl, the film also reveals the suffering of her mother, who actually blessed her daughter to start a new chapter of life away from home, without realizing the catastrophic consequences. The video was directed by Juliet Taylor, and the lyrics were written by Dejan Rasic, executive creative director at 18 Feet & Rising, with music by the band Miss Cherry and production by AMMOS Music in Greece.

The MTV Exit team do a truly phenomenal job of bringing the issue of human trafficking and exploitation into the mainstream. I’ve had the honor of working with some hugely talented people to bring this project to life and I’m grateful for their contribution to the cause,” commuted Mr. Rasic.

MTV Exit also launched a micro scroll-down site “False Hope” that includes the behind-the-scenes video and also provides brief information on the team behind it. In the bottom of the site, they also share guidelines that help to avoid getting pulled into slavery in foreign countries. For instance, users are encouraged to check out some basic things about the future employer and the job using independent sources, and sign contracts only after it’s checked out by a professional, or someone they trust. MTV Exit also provides a telephone number of the local SOS helpline and invites to write an e-mail to in case there are no services available in the region.

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