Nissan Demonstrates How Its Unique Self-Healing Paint Works in a “Scratchy” iPad Ad

Nissan promotes its unique self-healing paint technology in an iPad advertisement that enables users to literally see how the paint works when the vehicle gets scratched. The car manufacturer is the first to bring this outstanding invention to life, and it wanted to promote it with the “a simple, unassuming yet disruptive” communication piece.

The ad, developed by TBWA\G1 Paris in collaboration with DAN Paris and OMD Europe, has appeared in The Economist iPad issue. On making a traditional swiping move on the tablet’s screen, the readers unwittingly scratch the car, again and again. Still, these marks don’t live long—the damage get automatically undone within a few seconds. To enhance the effect, the ad also includes a sound that’s reminiscent of nails scratching a chalk board.

It basically makes your car scratch proof,” says Nissan about the paint in the description to the video that explains how the ad works. “It’s a special feature only available on very select models targeted at the affluent, tech seeker.”