YouTube Launches Paid Subscription Service Starting $0.99 per Month

After months of anticipationYouTube is finally opening a paid subscription option that provides content makers with a new way to monetize on the world’s largest video hosting site.

The platform has announced it is rolling out a pilot program in which 30 professional content creators will be offering 53 paid channels available with monthly subscriptions starting at $0.99. In addition to subscription fees, the content creators will also be able to run advertising on their channels. Revenues will be split between the content providers and YouTube—55% will go to the creators and 45% will be the video platform’s charge. All of the paid channels will have a 14-day free trial, most of them will offer discounted yearly rates. According to Reuters, the paid subscriptions will be available in 10 countries at launch.

Pic.: YouTube’s paid Jim Henson channnel,

Looking to extend the number of qualifying content makers, YouTube invites perspective partners to sign up for the subscription service. Currently, more than 1 million channels are generating revenue on YouTube, and the paid subscriptions come as a new way to add flexibility to their monetizing efforts.