Electrolux experimental vacuum cleaner plays music instead of making noise

Electrolux Japan has teamed up with TBWA Hakuhodo to promote the ultimate quietness of the new Ergothree vacuum cleaners. Their level of noise is under 43 dB, which is as quiet as talking in a very low voice. To highlight this feature, Electrolux has launched a promotional site with two musical experiments.

For the first video, “Play!,” the creative team has developed a one-of-a-kind model, ergothree play!, that plays music while performing its duties. The vacuum cleaner has a sensor inside its nozzle that detects the dust and then starts playing music as it sucks up any dirt.

The second experiment, 43dB Symphony, involves Waseda University orchestra performing an excerpt from Bizet’s well-known opera Carmen unbelievably quietly. Normally, the score exceeds 90dB when played, but for the experiment the musicians were challenged to keep under 43 dB. The orchestra was led by a conductor who asked to replay the excerpt every time the sound was louder than required—he had a sound level meter that showed when the noise level was exceeded. After numerous rehearsals, the orchestra managed to play the score under 43 dB.

Recently, Unilever’s Cream Silk conditioner was promoted with another music-inspired project, Human Hair Quartet. The promotion illustrated the strength of hair washed with the product by making durable violin bows out of it.