Greenpeace stands up to Shell and Gazprom in the Save the Arctic campaign

Greenpeace is rolling out a new movement, Save the Arctic, to protect the North Pole from the devastating rule of oil companies.

The new push has been inspired by a recent announcement: Shell and Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom have become partners on drilling Russia’s Arctic shelf. In the video above, Greenpeace states that Gazprom’s equipment is “decades out of date,” so the companies’ joint venture will inevitably result in a major Arctic oil spill. While Shell and Gazprom are the major antiheroes in the campaign, Greenpeace takes on all oil companies including BP, Exxon and Rosneft. In the statement that was released on the microsite of the campaign, Greenpeace points out that the giants “want to risk a devastating Arctic oil spill for only three years’ worth of oil.”

Along with contaminating water and causing deaths of numerous marine animals and birds, spilled oil destroys the arctic treasure, ice—burning oil causes melting of the ice, which contributes to the global warming.

Greenpeace is sure that public can make world leaders understand the importance of keeping the Arctic under protection and stopping in-water oil drilling and non-sustainable industrial fishing in the Arctic. Greenpeace activists are now encouraged to sign a petition to ban this destructive activity in the Arctic and save the region. The note will be sent to the world leaders in September at the time of the annual meeting in the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Greenpeace hopes that it will make them pass a UN resolution expressing international concern for the Arctic, leading to creation of the global sanctuary around the Pole.

The target is 5 million supporters, and so far more than 3.3 million have already signed the petition. Greenpeace encourages people to share the key element of the promotion, the animated spot titled “Save the Arctic from Shell and its Russian friends,” to raise awareness of the movement and donate to support the campaign.