Kia urges Australians to develop simple smart solutions for everyday life

In its new TV campaign, Kia Australia is calling consumers to think differently and seek for smart solutions to solve household problems. Consumers can watch tips and share their own smart solutions for a chance to get a new Kia.

The new campaign, “Another Rondo Smart Solution,” has gone live on the official Kia site and on its Facebook page. For the new effort, the brand has hired Aussie comedian Claire Hooper, who tells how to hide a phone in a beach bag when you’re in the water, separate yolk, make smart keys and a smart cake, save tiny things while vacuum cleaning, and more. In addition to a series of video tips starring the celebrity, there’re also 6-second Vine clips and Pinterest photos on how to solve other problems.

From July 14 through July 22, Australian residents can upload photos of their own smart solutions on Facebook for a chance to win all new Kia Rondo. Top 5 #smartsolutions will be shortlisted by Kia panel of judges and will be put to public voting.

Unlike tech and auto brands which celebrate innovation and creative thought behind futuristic endeavors, Kia sticks to simple, down-to-earth solutions that can make life easier right now.