KLM rolling out a contest to hold smartphone addicts up to ridicule

KLM is launching a creative competition to raise awareness of how dangerous an addition to a mobile phone can be. Hosted on the open platform, Eyeka, the contest is inviting the global community to send in their short humorous clips demonstrating “hilarious and dramatic consequences” of using a smartphone non-stop.

Pic.: a screenshot from the KLM website
Pic.: a screenshot of the contest announcement on the KLM website

The competition is running through August 25. Participants are invited to create short clips, 30-60 seconds long, illustrating what a smartphone obsession may lead to. Creators can integrate both real-life and totally fantastic situations into the plot. Making the video impressive, engaging, convincing and potentially viral is the major criteria. For more detail about the competition, read the brief.

Three winners will receive KLM tickets to any European destinations and a cash prize (€10,000, €5,000 or €3,000) —the class of the ticket and the amount will depend on the winner’s place.

The reason why KLM, an airline company, is rolling out a competition themed around a smartphone may be explained by the simple fact. The passengers’ obsession with constant tweeting, calling, messaging, etc. becomes annoying on board and can even cause a crash when the aircraft is taking off or landing.